Truvia vs Stevia

Truvia vs Stevia

Truvia vs Stevia

Truvia vs Stevia

Truvia vs Stevia is a battle between two sugar substitutes. These are two products used as food additives. Both are extracted from a plant called Stevia rebaudiana. Both are much more sweetness then sugar. Which is better? Which has side effects (if they have), which not? This article is about to determine the winner. For more you can read here: Truvia vs Stevia.
First strike is from Stevia. Let’s see… This product compounds are steviol glycosides (they give such sweet taste). These glycosides mostly are stevioside and rebaudioside. These chemical compounds are about 200 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia was banned in United States in 1990. But it was banned only in US. Japans start to use Stevia from 1970 after they suspected that saccharin rise chance to cause cancer. China is using Stevia from 1984. But first who start using this plants leaves to get a sweet taste of food additives were South America’s indigenous people called Guarani peoples.
Ok, enough of good characteristic! Let’s write something bad about this sugar substitute 🙂
I’m very sorry, but i couldn’t find any side effects of Stevia.

Truvia vs stevia

Here strike back Truvia. Let’s see… It consists of rebiana, natural flavors and erythritol. Natural flavors already telling us that they are natural so shouldn’t be any side effects in Truvia product. What about rebiana? It is one of few compounds of which Stevia plant consists. It is one of steviol glycosides which have Stevia rebaudiana leaves. But then we come to erythritol everything changing. This sugar alcohol is not good for our consumption. Of course it sounds good that it is non caloric, but it’s sad that it has side effects such as borborygmi or nausea. To have side effects of erythritol you need to eat it in large doses. If doses smaller than 50 grams per day used this sugar substitute can have no side effects.

Truvia vs Stevia

Truvia vs Stevia

If you looking for Truvia vs Stevia it means that you are looking which product is better to use. If you would ask me what author, after investigate of Stevia vs Truvia and wrote such article, would choose, i would answer you that i would go definitely with Stevia and not Truvia? After each article i wrote i’m closer and closer to buy it myself. At this time i’m using sugar, but that sugar substitute sounds so amazing 🙂 Remember, i’m not selling any products on my website, so i’m writing just my opinion after i search for products and do research of them.
Sorry for my English and i hope you still like my article about Truvia vs Stevia 🙂


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